Social networking, back in your hands. services the DC-area tech, hobbyist, maker, and enthusiasts community and is a Mastodon instance, one of many in the “Fediverse”. The Fediverse is a broad collective of free, open source, decentralized microblogging and social networks using open standards, such as the W3C’s ActivityPub. The use of open source software means that no one-entity controls how the networks operate, and the federation places administration of the network into the hands of a decentralized populous.

For more information on the Fediverse, see Your 5 Minute Guide to Mastodon and the Fediverse. is governed by a code of conduct which can be found here. The ban list can be found here. If you have questions or need help, send email to

Pro Tips

Choose A Darker Theme

If you prefer a darker color scheme, Mastodon has two other themes that may appeal to you. To change the theme you see, click on the Gear Icon and go to Preferences. Under Site Theme, you can pick Light, Dark, or High Contrast.

Invite Friends

You can create custom links for inviting friends to Mastodon. To get a link, click on the Gear Icon and go to Invite People. You can generate as many links as you desire. Don’t forget to check the box to have your friends automatically follow you once they sign-up.

Desktop Client

Looking for a desktop client for Mastodon. Many are available. One of our favorites is Whalebird.

iOS App

Want the Fediverse on your iPhone. There are many iOS Mastodon apps available. One of our favorites is Amaroq.

Android App

If you have an Android device and would like to have Mastodon at your fingertips, try Tusky.

Toot from the Command Line

Are you a power user? Want to Toot from the command line. Try out Toot, a Mastodon CLI.

User Directory

Want to find other users on your local instance? Click the hamburger in the upperleft, and then under Getting Started, choose the Profile Directory.

If you want to be listed in the directory, you must opt-in to it. Go to the Gear Icon, click Profile and then Appearance. Then check the box next to “List this account…”. To be listed in the directory, you must have atleast 10 followers. If you don’t have 10 followers, then get out there and follow other people… they’ll follow you right back.

Get an RSS or Atom Feed of Your Toots

Mastodon generates RSS and Atom feeds of your public posts. To do this, click on your avatar image to bring up your profile in the right column. Then click on your avatar in that column and it will take you to your “profile” page. That home page will have a URL such as To get an RSS or Atom feed, simply append the URL with .rss or .atom.

Pin Toots

You can pin a toot to your profile page. To do so, click on the vertical kabab (three dots) in your toot, and then click “Pin on Profile”. Now when your profile is viewed, your pinned toots will be at the top.

Use Hashtags

You can use hashtags in posts simply by using the octothorpe # character followed by a word. Others users can then search on those hashtags.

Put Hashtags on Your Profile

You can put hashtags on your profile page that will link to your toots. To do this, click on the Gear Icon, then click on Preferences -> Featured Hashtags. After you have entered in hashtags, they will show up on your profile page with a link to the toots.